Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Schwalbe Announces Ultremo ZX Tubeless

Schwalbe is a German tire company with a fantastic array of products - everything from high zoot tubulars to studded snow tires. Therefore, it shouldn't be a surprise that they have finally joined the road tubeless party, but it was still good to read it at Bike Radar. Today, I had a chance to talk to a representative at Schwalbe who was able to give me some more details about the new Ultremo ZX Tubeless.

The tire is base don their flagship clincher the Ultermo ZX and Schwalbe, unlike some other road tubeless vendors, condones and recommends the use of sealant, such as their Doc Blue product.  At this time, Schwalbe expects the tire will be available for sale in September of this year as a 2013 model.As soon as this tire becomes available, I hope to try it out and post a full review. While there may be a few other tubeless tire versions in the future, tubeless city and commuter products are not currently in the pipeline. Nevertheless, the representative I spoke with said that the prospect for additional road tubeless offerings is not so bleak as many of their tubeless city and commuter tires are based on the same casing as their off-road tubeless products, but with a different bead.

Now, as for the picture above from Bike Radar, I don't recommend or condone the needless destruction of a fine tire.

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