Friday, March 18, 2011

Back On The Bike

I took some time off cycling this winter due to both weather and injuries. Now I am back on the bike and looking for tubeless news to share with both of my readers : )

First, I am doing some bicycle commuting, and I have been evaluating the Slime Pro product on my commuter bike that is equipped with Hutchinson Intensive tires.. So far so good, as I have inflated the tires without getting slimmed by green fluid that smells like Pina Coladas.

Next, I came across this article about a carbon road tubeless rim frrom ROL Wheels.  I am excited that there is progress being made here, but my dream wheelset still revolves around the Stans Alpha 340 rims.  At a smidgen over 340 grams, they are lighter than the 385g carbon rim. The ROL carbon wheel doesn't look particularly aerodynamic, so I really don't see the point of more weight and less braking quality.

So stay tuned as Spring arrives and things warm up around here.


  1. I'm finally riding after injuries as well and built a set of Stan's A340s around Velocity Race Hubs,DT Swiss Competition spokes and riding Hutchinson Intensives. Have them on my Merlin Agilis and so far love them. VERY comfortable ride. My winter/injury weight is 185 lbs and I'm running 90 psi front and 95 rear.

  2. Hello, welcome back !
    I had build up a set of Stan's a340s on D/A hubs (28x28) They did a great job and it's a really nice tubeless ride.
    If ROL does the 45 mm ones in tubeless, that could be interesting. But $2300? Hah!
    You probably know about the new Maxxis tubeless tire, the Padrone. Would be good if you could review it for us.

    Thanks! love your blog.
    Tom, San Jose

  3. Thanks Tom.

    I will get ahold of the good folks at Maxxis and see if they feel like talking tubeless. This certainly seems like a nice tire, although pricey.