Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Disc Tubeless Wheels

Alpha 340 Disc Wheelset 32 hole

A Go Tubeless Reader recently wrote me with this question:

So, I am a convert, but seriously high maintenance. Here's my dilemma:

I ride the Auger CX disc for work, off-road and three fast group rides a week. For work I have a set of x9 hubs laced to Velocity a23 rims (nmsw) with DT Competition spokes. these wheels are perfectly suited to be ridden hard and stand up to abuse, but I was curious about getting something more road-race specific. For 'cross I have a set of Industry Nine 29 wheels with Stan's Arch EX rims.What I need is a set of (in order of importance):

Tubeless specific
Non-machined sidewall (high maintenance)
Road wheels.

I love the 23mm width of the a23, but they just don't feel stiff. I understand that, with the right tires (Hutchinson Fusion3 Tubeless) I can convert a standard clincher rim, but I'd rather start with a road tubeless rim.

Carbon clincher with carbon brake track would be okay, not a metal brake track, that would be ugly.
Oh, and black, black, black.
Any ideas?


My Response

Thanks for the question Pat. I am a big fan of road disc brakes and think that they are a perfect compliment to tubeless tires.  Heck, I am sure your car has both, so why not your much more technically advance bike?

The good news is that this is turning out to be an exciting year for Road Tubeless wheel offerings, especially those with disc brake compatibility. For example, check out these Specialized Roval tubeless disc offerings.  I also think that the Volagi Ignite SL carbon wheelset could work for you depending on your dropout spacing. Finally, Stan's new A340 Cross wheelset seems to fit your bill as well and it is even black. And don't forget this HED offering.

On the other hand, I don't understand why you are so insistent on tubeless specific rims. Even Stan's tubeless rims still use rim tape, the same as I have been using since road tubeless came out.

I hope that helps.



  1. Not related to the post above, but I figure I'll repeat my question (posted it in some other previous [old] post of yours, so it may have gotten lost there:

    I have a set of race wheels that are also my training wheels. I do, however, have training tires and racing tires -- but I use the same wheels.

    Is it feasible for me to go tubeless, since I like to use the same wheels but I keep changing tires? I know some might advise that I just get cheap training wheels (and put the training tires on them), but I like my wheels (Enve), and the Enve guys told me their wheels are tough enough for daily use, have a 5 year warranty, and would be a pity if not used often...

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