Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Latest Hutchinson News

I have gotten a lot of reader inquiries on when they can get the new Hutchinson Atom Galactik and the 28c version of the Intensive.

Well today, my contact at Hutchinson confirmed that the Atom Galactik is now in stock and available while the Intensive 28c will be called the Secteur 28s and will be available "soon." 

I for one cannot wait to through the Secteur on my commuter bike and have a blast. As much as I love the standard Intensive, it just isn't wide enough to meet the needs of commuters. I have no doubt that this new version will be a huge seller.


  1. And I cannot wait for your report on the Secteur 28s. I wanted to put them on my winter road bike this year, and get out on some gravel roads, but it's rapidly turning to Spring around here, and still no 28c road tubeless. Instead I have gone back to tubes and a set of Challenge Eroicas at 622-30, which float over almost anything, but are easy to cut and subject to goatheads and will pinch if I run 'em at too low press. Also they barely fit through my frame!

    I also want these tires (Secteur 28s) on our road tandem, and if they seem promising there I will build up some new, wider, rims. 622-28 are as big as I can fit on the tandem, and Hutch. Intensives are not quite enough tire for our 360# team weight.

  2. I had hoped for a much earlier release to be able to use Secteur 28s for a gravel race in Denmark start of June, but I guess we will have to do with Continental 4season 28mm with an anti-plat strip installed. Excellent tire, worked fine all winter doing lots of gravel roads, but I would prefer a tubeless setup. It has now been almost 2 years of waiting for this release oh my they are slow at Hutchinsons.

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