Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Tubeless Road Bike Tires Seen In The Wild

One of my oft repeated laments is that road tubeless tires just aren't out there in great numbers yet.   What tires exist, seem to only be available online; I have never seen road tubeless bike tires for sale in a bike shop...until today.

Wheat Ridge Cyclery In Denver Has Everything

I was quite surprised by the amazing selection of tubeless road bike tires over at Wheat Ridge Cyclery.   Not quite everything, but I did see not only the Hutchinson Fusion 3, Atom and Intensive but also the Specialized Turbo S-Works and even the Tubeless Bontrager R4 tubeless.   They had in stock every road tubeless tire currently sold in the United States, and even a few tubeless cyclocross tires to boot.

Granted, they are one of the largest bike shops in Denver, if not the US, and is run by racing legend Ron Kiefel, so I would expect their selection to be superior to your average mom and pop shop.  Of course, being a retail space means that instant gratification will cost you a bit more than you would pay online for the same tires.   All of the tubeless tires were going for $79.99 with the exception of the Hutchinson Intensive at $74.99.  

So if you are waiting for road tubeless to catch on, seeing a broad selection of dedicated tires in a local bike shop is definitely a positive sign.

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  1. I used to sponsor a pretty good mountain bike racer who raced expert class... Before tubeless tires, he would average one pinch flat per race. Fortunately, his competition was plagued with the same issue. The time that it took him to repair the flat basically determined his whole race result...
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