Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Welcome To The Road Tubeless Blog

My name is Jason, and I have been a cyclist for about 25 years.   I have experience with road bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes, commuting, and racing.   If there is one thing I hate about cycling, it is getting a flat.

I hate having to interrupt my ride.

I hate stopping on the side of the road.

I hate changing flats with a mini pump or a CO2 cartridge.

I hate buying tubes.

I hate patching tubes.

While I have been riding tubeless on my mountain bike for almost a decade, I was excited when road tubeless tires came out four years ago, and I bought the Stan's road tubeless conversion kit and a pair of Hutchinson Fusion 2s practically the day they came out.

Why Blog About Bicycle Tires?

I have been very satisfied with the products, yet I have found so little in the way of information about installing and maintaining tubeless tires.   Let's face it, there are decades worth to tips, tricks, and advice out there regarding both clinchers and tubular tires, but almost nothing out there about tubeless.

Now that I have been riding tubeless for four years, I have learned so much, that I just want to share it with the cycling community.   I have ridden five different models of tubeless road cycling tires, and I would like to share my observations on each as well.  Finally, I would like to serve as a clearinghouse for information on road tubeless products so that the users of this new system can communicate their needs directly to the manufactures.

If you have a question about tubeless tires, feel free to leave a comment.   I will try to answer your question as quickly as possible.

My Cycling Background

I have been riding road, mountain, touring, and city bikes since the mid-eighties.  I have also raced, mostly off-road, on and off during that time.    In college, I worked in a bike shop.   I have worked for Bruce Boone in Altanta fabricating aluminum and titanium bike parts in in the nineties.   Today, I ride road bikes all over the Front Range foothills and mountains outside of my home in Denver.   I also volunteer for the Park Hill Bike Depot where they definitely won't be using tubeless tires on the bicycles we fix for needy members in the community.  

My Blogging Background

I currently write about travel and credit cards for the blog at   I am also the travel expert at    Finally, I also write about politics, aviation, and consumer issues at my personal blog, Steele Street.


  1. Jason your background is very similar to my own I have been mountain biking for over 20 years starting with the mgx mountain bike which has been good.

  2. Very cool Tube. The competition is heating up!

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  3. Wondering if you can answer a few questions:

    Is there a noticeable "sloshing" when running tubeless with sealant? I'm thinking about running them on my commuter road bike (700x25c)

    Have you ridden tubeless in the winter? I'm in Canada and ride through the winter and am worried that the sealant may freeze.

    Any help is appreciated...

    - Erik